Global Trading Company

A leading trading house with offices in Hongkong and Dubai, actively involved in trading of wide range of multi specialty products ranging from Wood to Pulp to Chemicals to Paper to Stationery and various commodities. Paper is an essential industry not for one but several reasons in our daily lives. The uncountable uses of paper are not unknown to mankind. At Habras we have a sincere commitment to everything we do, which has always been the spirit for us from the beginning.
In today's extremely competitive world it has become a basic requirement to give the Best quality, Best service & at the most competitive price, our client inquiries are not merely statistics on our worksheet instead we always believe that the customer has equal knowledge as ourselves and we try and understand their requirement. Habras International achieves this by buying directly from manufacturers and supplies to the end user in various countries.
Due to our connections with international companies, we have a unique network of contacts which help us bring the best to our customers. Our experience of the domain markets comes in handy to help us emphasize on qualitative and not quantitative growth. The philosophy of customer satisfaction and long-term business enabled Habras International to establish a solid business relationship with the leading manufacturers and customers both in domestic and overseas markets.

Habras International has quickly gained recognition in the UAE as a trustworthy and reliable expert in the field of paper. It believes in delivering the products in the most cost effective way even in cost sensitive markets.